Crossfit Around America

So it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with CrossFit.

Peep the double under lashes and sweat angel on my back. Skinny girls look good in clothes, strong girls look good naked. Ever since I started CrossFit/Paleo a year ago, I can’t stop seeing improvements/gains in my body and strength! My confidence is up and so is my spirit. A few unique things about CrossFit communities is as follows…

1) All of the women support each other. This is the one place where I don’t feel like I need to “compete” with other women for success or status. Interestingly enough, most of the women I’ve met in CrossFit are intelligent, driven, and successful in a whole spectrum of ways! I’ve met PHd candidates, military soldiers, stay-at-home mothers, internationals, doctors, lawyers, and anything else you can really think of. There is one constant theme among CrossFit women across the country (from my experience): everyone wants everyone to perform their very best, unconditionally.


2) Your body WILL change. After doing multiple rounds of Paleo (aka no grains, sugar, or dairy for 30 days), I can honestly say that I’m more proud and confident in my appearance and ability than ever before. I’ve gotten a TON of crap for not drinking or eating certain things, but at the end of the day, I’m not afraid to face my bathing or birthday suit in the mirror (lol). Proof here.


3) Your lifestyle changes will continue to inspire those around you. I can’t tell you how many people tried Paleo or CrossFit based on my recommendation and constant chatter. Afterwards, I get to watch the people I love develop the same personal confidence that I gained.

For that reason, I’ve “dropped in” at several boxes all over the country! Here are some of my favorite photos and “boxes” (aka a CrossFit gym).

My MAIN box is Reebok CrossFit Backbay in Boston, MA. This is my beloved team.


This is my beloved Boston College Alumni Crew.


These are my beloved parents AT my beloved CrossFit Box.


As you can see, it’s a family affair; whether by blood, sweat, or tears. My family on the west coast is Team CrossFit Academy Monrovia in Monrovia, California AKA The Arrogant Bastards.


Here are some other boxes across the country who I’ve had the pleasure of working out with.

Crown City CrossFit in Pasadena, California.


CrossFit 061 In South Bend, Indiana.

CrossFit Mean Streets In Downtown, Los Angeles

Printers Row CrossFit, The Foundry in Chicago, Illinois

San Francisco CrossFit in San Francisco, California

CrossFit Durham in Durham, North Carolina.

Shout out to CrossFit Country who let me drop in for a full week!… and I still forgot to take a photo… (sorry guys).

Shout out to CrossFit NYC (Black Box) in New York, New York.

I know I’m missing a few… maybe I’ll dig through my drop in shirt pile to figure it out lol.


3 thoughts on “Crossfit Around America

  1. “Skinny girls look good in clothes, strong girls look good naked. ” I love it!!! You are such an inspiration! I had some extra time at work (ok, I lied, I just flat out procrastinated), and I started reading more of your blog posts. It is now 30 minutes later, I still haven’t done my lesson plans for tomorrow, but I am so intrigued by this “wandering” lifestyle. It really makes me think about how I made it to 30 without ever traveling outside of the country. I have my “China Money Jar” ready to go! I said it once, and I’ll say it again.. you are one badass cool chick!

  2. The more I read about CrossFit on your blog, the more intrigued I am. I’m an amateur runner, but that doesn’t really build muscle like I would like. You said once that it was a “shit ton of money” or something like that. Is it too expensive for a poor college kid? lol

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