Cafe Mogador


Café Mogador

101 St Marks Pl
(between Avenue A & 1st Ave)
New York, NY 10009
(212) 677-2226
Neighborhoods: East Village, Alphabet City

This is my GO-TO place for a Sunday brunch recovery sesh. The big city is A LOT to take in for anyone who isn’t from NYC so I like to drag myself out of bed around noon for some of the most authentic Moroccan food east of the Mississippi.

Once you’ve removed the make-up and shame from the night before, treat yourself to a soothing hour wait to be seated outside. It’ll give you plenty of time to relocate your misplaced dignity and rediscover the various texts you “accidently” sent after the persuasion of liquor overwhelms your better judgment.

Menu: Go For The Mogador Brunch!

Eggs Florentine
— with spinach

Eggs Normandy
— with smoked salmon

*** poached eggs over English Muffin with hollandaise sauce, homefries & mesclun salad


Unfortunately the infamous Moroccan Mint Tea so you’ll have to order it separately. But if you’re at Mogador, you MUST MUST MUST order the sweet, but refreshing mint tea that the country is famous for.


Take my word for it. I spent some time in Morocco during the summer of 2009 after I graduated high school. The tea, orange juice, and couscous were my favorite things to gorge myself in on the regular. Unlike the great country of Morocco, the service/people at Café Mogador has always, and will always, be complete crap. Don’t let the hipsters kill your vibe or food experience though.

Wander on my friends.



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