LA Beer Hop

I’ve been told by a Jesuit that we know God loves us because he gave man beer… I am inclined to agree. Meet Hal Mooney. Creator and founder of LA Beer Hop. We had the pleasure of meeting at the Angel City Brewery (article to come!) when I noticed him pouring an absurd amount of beer flights for, what I thought, was himself. I asked him if he was going to finish all of them himself and he said:

“I’m not even drinking today.”

I later learned that the reason he wasn’t pouring himself 20+ beer flights was because he was chauffeuring tourist around the great LA area, taking them from one brewery to the next.

For the BARGIN of $65 bucks a pop, you’ll get a 5 hour tour, an expert beer guide, in-depth brewery walkthrough, a change to meet the brewer, bottled water for the light weights, and ALL OF THE BEER IS INCLUDED.

As a connaisseur of liquor and frequent patron of bars in Los Angeles, I can tell you 3 things.

1) SOMEONE must drive at the end of the night.
— Whether its you, some stranger you picked up at a bar, or your Dad (thanks Dad!), someone is driving at the end of the night. In LA a cab will cost you upwards of $60 dollars for a ride home at 2:30am if you don’t live in Hollywood or Downtown LA. So already, my buddy Hal is saving you a fortune and a potential DUI.
+ PS: DUI’s in California can START at $16,000 bucks. Plus a night in jail. Don’t believe me? Read it and weep.

2) Beer ain’t cheap.
— I’ve seen prices range from $6 bucks to $15… and that’s just one beer. If you have potential drinking problem, you’ll have to throw back 3-4 beers for even a slight buzz! But that’s still not going to make the person next to you interesting. So if you have 5-6 beers, then that could range anywhere from $30-$90 bucks a night! Now let’s say you’re trying to impress some model/actress/waitress… then double it. So now you’re $60-$180 bucks in the hole just to get some rando’s number… only to find out she has a on-and-off-again guitar boyfriend. It’s REALLY hard to date in LA… said everyone, ever.

3) It’s an easy and cheap way to see a city.
— Hal offers a variety of locations/themes for everyone’s pallete. There’s the following available:

a. Beach Cities
b. East & Central LA (Where I found him!)
c. Private Tours

Personally, I love strangers. So I plan on hitting up a & b. But for a medium/large group, the private tours are the jackpot. They’ll even pick you up from WHERE EVER you tell them too.

Now that’s service.

Check Hal and LA Beer Hop HERE.

Now… Some photos I stole…

LA Beer Hop 3

LA beer hop instagram 2

LA beer hop pics


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