Seen: Monrovia, California

This morning I rolled into Team CrossFit Academy in Monrovia with my camera to document my last Friday. I’ve called this place my home all summer and I KNOW I’m going to miss my teammates terribly… *sigh.* When I arrived, I pulled up behind my friend Corinne’s colorful mini-van of greatness (duh) and I escorted her and her 5 year-old daughter, Chloe, towards the box entrance.

During small chat, Corinne told me that Chloe has a crush on another teammate nicknamed, “Fireman Brad,” and that people were joking that he should come into the box in full uniform.

“How funny would that be.”

10 minutes later, Brad rolls up decked out in his fireman gear and Chloe’s face lights up like Christmas Tree.

He tried to sneak by everyone during the warm-up pep talk… but I have the attention span of a squirrel so I immediately noticed him slithering his way through the box. You can’t hide from me Fireman Brad. I’m a 22 year-old girl.


While everyone giggled, Corrine coaxed her daughter to come speak with Fireman Brad, but Chloe hid behind Corrine’s thigh shyly instead. Fireman Brad then got down on his knees and engaged Chloe in conversation about (what I can only imagine) iPads, conflicts in the Middle-East, and her opinion on recent local elections. Then, he brought out these plastic firefighting hats that he specifically brought for her. Wow.

Fireman Brad doesn’t really know who I am, but I couldn’t let this selfless act of kindness go unheard. He even sacrificed his morning workout to make Chloe’s day.

What a guy. I hope this article freaks him out… in a good way.



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