Found: Cat Cafe



Today I found a Cat Café. That’s right… a mother truckin’ CAT CAFÉ! To me, it was a sign from the Universe that my sisters Michelle and Roxanne are sending me light and love from California. They have a small obsession with cats… just how I have a small obsession with CrossFit. Basically, a Cat Cafe is a place where humans (such as yourself) can escape the harsh realities of the real world and play with kittens WHITE enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee. The kittens just scamper around your feet and on top of the tables while you dish about your latest boy/girl drama (doesn’t everyone). The kittens are all super friendly and energetic; sometimes even properly accessorized!

It was a pleasant surprise to my packed day and a great opportunity to take a breath. Everything is so different here. It’s a constant learning experience and sometimes I just want to hide in my apartment haha.

But animals are always consistent.

They don’t love you more or less based on your race, gender, or capacity to speak Chinese fluently. Sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy the company of an animal that loves you unconditionally.





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