Found: Hermosa Beach, California

Douglas Solorzano
Found: Hermosa Beach, California
From: Los Angeles, California
Distance Travel: ?????

“I want to be you in 20 years”

This was all I could think of as I shared a meal with Douglas Solorzano and his family. He was telling me about his many adventures overseas, but the stories about traveling with his small children stuck out the most in my memory. Before his youngest was 2, she was on a plane and headed to overseas. At 3:30am in Tokyo, the family sat down at an outdoor sushi market to share sashimi and discuss their adventure ahead. This is what I want.

“When I was in middle school, I sat down and made a promise to myself that I would visit 100 countries before I turn 50.”

Douglas was just shy of his mark. He made it to the 90’s… With a successful marriage AND two young kids.

This gives me hope that I won’t die alone, with my hedgehog, on some island off the coast of the Philippians. Wanderers CAN have fully functional lives and relationships WITHOUT sacrificing their curiosity and genuine appreciation of adventure.

Love is alive and well my friends. It just might not be on the same continent as you. Wander onwards.



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