About Me

Welcome to the rest of my life.

Ni Hao. My name is Vanessa and I’m a professional Wanderer. I am an Indian-looking Mexican born and raised in Los Angeles, educated in Boston, and now, I’m moving 6,000 miles away from my home on August 17, 2013… BUT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE.


There are a few bumps in the road currently…I’m just broke, have no money, and I’m poor. I don’t speak Mandarin nor do I know how to read characters. This entire experience is somewhat of a leap of faith for me; a leap of faith in myself and in the universe.

I don’t really have any real plan to move back to the states any time soon so this move is the first of many. Something that you, as a reader, will notice is that I normally have 0% figured out 100% of the time.

But it’s okay….

…Everything is going to be fine.

Wanderonwards.com is dedicated to empowering the individual—mentally, physically, and emotionally—along with encouraging our readers to take on the furthest corners of the world: alone. While vulnerability is a key component to our blog, our focus is placed on personal perseverance despite the presence of fear. The world is a big scary place. There will never be a “perfect plan.” Accept it, relish in the mystery, and then, wander onwards.

Do you believe in miracles? Me neither. I believe in risks, faith, and tequila. So here goes nothing.